NWS: Five tornadoes in 24 hours in North Texas

The National Weather Service determined Wednesday that tornadoes hit The Colony and Benbrook on Tuesday when severe weather blew through the region.

The additional tornadoes confirmed by the NWS means a total of five tornadoes struck North Texas in a 24 hour period on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

An EF-0 tornado hit the colony Tuesday, destroying several homes and damaging up to 75 others. At least four families can't go back in their homes because there's too much damage.

An EF-0 tornado also touched down at the Benbrook marina with 85 mph winds. It ripped apart the dry dock area and pushed boats on top of each other. Some boats and trailers were still missing on Wednesday. Part of the dock that had just been rebuilt was also destroyed.

Previously confirmed tornadoes included EF-1's that hit the towns of Stephenville and Tolar on Tuesday morning and an EF-1 that struck the community of Cool on Monday evening.