New numbers reflect Americans' top concerns for 2020

With just four months until the 2020 election, there are new polls reflecting what may be driving Americans to the polls — including the economy and health care. Cliff Young, president of IPSOS Public Affairs, joined Jim on The Final 5 to show the results of new IPSOS polling on the state of politics.

A Recipe For Bipartisanship

When she served as the minority leader of the Ohio Senate, Capri Cafaro would often bake pies to celebrate bipartisan victories with her colleagues from across the aisle. Now, she’s documented recipes from across the country, contributed by prominent Democrats like Pete Buttigieg and Kathleen Matthews, and Republicans, including Michael Steele and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Her new cookbook 'United We Eat' is up for presale now, and she joined Jim on The Final 5 to talk about her inspiration. LINK:

Women leaders tested in times of crisis

As Americans are confronted with multiple crises, from Coronavirus to civil unrest, some female leaders are taking front-and-center roles in handling it all. Amanda Hunter from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation joined Jim on The Final 5 to break down new research and polling in how voters are responding to the way some of the nation’s top female officials are handling the new challenges.

Journalism faces new challenges during unprecedented times

The controversy over a New York Times op-ed, and President Trump's success in pointing out the media's shortcomings (both fairly and unfairly) are underscoring the new challenges that journalism is facing in the 21st century. Boston Globe editorial page editor Bina Venkataraman (author of The Optimist’s Telescope) and James Madison University journalism professor Ryan Parkhurst joined Jim on The Final 5 to delve into the issue.

Recap of the Week

GOP political analyst and columnist Julio Rivera joins FOX 5's Marina Marraco on The Final 5 to recap the week!

Parler wants to be a town square for the web

While Twitter was instrumental for President Trump’s rise in the world of politics, the social media giant has been the subject of much criticism after he recently decided to begin flagging certain tweets from the President, which it says violated its own policies. Now, the upstart app Parler is peeling away disaffected users, particularly conservatives, by promising a platform free of self-censorship. CEO John Matze joined Jim on The Final 5 to make the case for Parler.

What’s next in the Michael Flynn case?

As an appeals court directs a judge to drop the case against President Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, is this the end of the road for his legal troubles? Former New York State Assistant Attorney General Tristan Snell joined Jim on The Final 5 to break down what’s next, and how U.S. Attorney General William Barr figures into today’s 2-1 ruling.

'Bar Rescue' star on re-opening restaurants, dealing with bureaucracy

As the D.C. region slowly reopens amid the coronavirus pandemic, bar and restaurant owners find themselves facing a new frontier, confronted by the reality of new safety protocols and government bureaucracy. The star of 'Bar Rescue,' Jon Taffer, joined Jim Lokay on The Final 5 to talk about what’s next for the local restaurant industry, and talked about his new Taffer’s Tavern concept, with 5 locations set to open in the region.

DC statehood to go up for House vote

June 26 will mark the first time the full House of Representatives will vote on statehood for the District of Columbia. Bo Shuff from DC Vote joined Jim to talk about what’s next for the effort, and how his group plans to overcome staunch opposition from the Republican-led Senate.

Mail-in voting gets powerful bipartisan push

While President Trump has derided mail-in voting as rife for fraud, the pandemic has forced the hand of many states, as they transition to that model ahead of primaries and the November election. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, who also served as the nation’s first Homeland Security Secretary, is co-chairing an effort supporting mail-in balloting called, along with former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat. He joined Jim on The Final 5 to talk about why he supports the effort, and what advice he’d give President Trump when it comes to getting out the vote.

Reaction to landmark SCOTUS ruling on LGBTQ equality

Millions of Americans woke up Monday to a surprising 6-3 Supreme Court ruling that protected sexual orientation and gender identity when it comes to employment discrimination. Writer and LGBTQ advocate Charlotte Clymer joined Jim Lokay on The Final 5 to talk about the ruling and the potential political ramifications.

CHAZ, Seattle, and a place for us

As protesters stake their claim to a four-block area of downtown Seattle, creating what they are calling the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, what would life look like if Jim Lokay or Tim Young had their own autonomous zone? They broke down the week’s events and talked about their own dream zone on The Final 5.

Looming changes on immigration could have profound impact on students, work visas

The Trump administration is said to be considering major changes to immigration programs, including work visas, resulting in thousands finding themselves unable to work. Daniel DiMartino from Young Voices, who’s met with President Trump on immigration issues in the past, may find himself affected by those changes. He joined Jim on The Final 5 to explain why he believes it could have an unexpected impact on the economy.

Riots and protests draw similarities, differences to 60s

Recent demonstrations over the police-involved death of George Floyd have, in some cases, turned into violent riots and episodes of looting. While that’s the exception, not the rule, there are some interesting parallels between episodes of civil unrest following other seminal moments in U.S. History. Jonathan Bean, is a research fellow at the Independent Institute and professor of history at Southern Illinois University, and the editor of "Race & Liberty in America: The Essential Reader." He joined Jim Lokay on The Final 5. LINK:

Trump admin looking at its “law and order” approach for policing

As lawmakers look at ways to reform police procedures across the country, there’s been a change in how the federal government deals with reports of systemic abuse. Jess Bidgood co-wrote a piece about the new approach for the Boston Globe. She joined Jim on The Final 5 to break it down and what it means for cities like Baltimore. MORE:

How should POTUS address race relations, NFL protests?

As national demonstrations continue after the police-involved death of George Floyd, there’s increasing pressure on the White House to deliver a national address on racial reconciliation and unity. Former NFL player Jack Brewer, CEO of the Brewer Group, joined Jim on The Final 5 to talk about what he’d like to see Americans discuss, and how the renewed threat of anthem protests in the NFL is re-igniting a key issue the President has campaign upon.

Learning from the George Floyd protests

The national conversation over the death of George Floyd has led to passionate protests, many peaceful, some of which have led to violence. Still, there are lessons to be learned through respectful conversation. University of Maryland senior lecturer Dr. Jason Nichols and Washington Examiner’s Siraj Hashmi, who co-host the podcast “The Balance,” join Jim on The Final 5 to break it all down. MORE ON THE PODCAST:

Checking in on Minneapolis with Tim Young

As protests continue over the killing of George Floyd, and violence rages across the country, Jim Lokay checks in with FOX 5 contributor Tim Young in Minneapolis for a frank conversation about race, police brutality, and media coverage of a case that has gripped the nation.

Houses of faith need to fully reopen, say religious leaders

As the country begins to reopen after the series of shutdowns and closures across the country brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, some houses of worship remain closed. Father Robert Sirico from the Acton Institute joined Jim on The Final 5 to explain why he believes churches, synagogues, mosques, and houses of worship should always be considered essential.

Maryland and DC gear up for first mail-in primaries

After delaying primaries due to the pandemic, both Maryland and D.C. voters will head to the polls next Tuesday in the first-ever round of widespread mail-in balloting. Washington Monthly digital editor Eric Cortellessa joined The Final 5 to explain lessons learned from other mail-in elections, and whether concerns over their viability will come into play.