Twitter political ad ban likely to run into trouble

Twitter is banking on the idea that cutting out political ads will insulate them from the kind of criticism Facebook has received. Grace Gedye from Washington Monthly joined Jim on The Final 5 with the pros and cons.

Iraq War vet on the state of veterans’ health care

When it comes to serving those who served America, has the government upheld its end of the bargain? Iraq War vet and founder of the American Veterans Policy Network, Chris Neiweem joined Jim on The Final 5 to talk about that and more.

Vaping may be unhealthy, but banning them could be worse.

The Trump administration is weighing an outright ban on flavored vaping products in an effort to keep younger Americans away from the trend. Jacob Rich from Young Voices joined Jim on The Final 5 to talk about how a ban may be counterproductive, and what people should really know about vaping products.

Entrepreneur says civility in political discourse isn’t dead.

The voting public is facing an unprecedented onslaught of political rhetoric, and between the impeachment battle that’s about to play out and more than a year of election season remaining, there is no clear end in sight. Entrepreneur and author of the book “Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life” tells Jim Lokay there’s a way for the average voter navigate the maze of politics and election season without losing his or her cool.

Political strategists sound off on impeachment

President Trump’s comments on the impeachment inquiry topped today’s headlines, as the transcript of his controversial phone call with Ukraine’s president was released. Political strategists Kevin Walling and Chris Prudhome joined Jim Lokay on “The Final 5.”

Impeachment Talk Gets Real On Capitol Hill

With Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirming there will be a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, it signals a change in tone from Democrats. What changed? DC reporter for the Boston Globe Laura Krantz joined Jim on “The Final 5.”

Trent England joins Jim on The Final 5

Protesters brought D.C. traffic to a standstill as they urge elected leaders to take action on climate change, but the sentiment isn’t shared across the country. Trent England joined Jim Lokay on “The Final 5” to discuss what he believes should be the path forward.

The Final 5: Election Turmoil in Israel

As the Israeli election standoff continues, what stands to happen if both sides can’t reach an agreement on a unity government – and what does that even mean? And how will the U.S. be affected by the outcome? Ross Marchand from Young Voices joins Jim on 'The Final 5.'

Statehood Backers Prepare To Swarm the Hill

Congress is gearing up to hold its first hearing on D.C. statehood in 25 years. Statehood backers Bo Shuff and Tamyra Harrison will both be on Capitol Hill on Thursday, but they joined Jim Lokay the night before to talk about what they expect to hear.

Record Number of Female Candidates Prompting New Debate Approach

With the record number of women seeking the White House in 2020, talk of their “electability” has bubbled up again. So what does that mean? And what lessons did voters learn from last week’s debate? Amanda Hunter from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation joined Jim to talk about its new effort with American University, called Gender on the Ballot.

Tim joins Jim on 'The Final 5'

From a controversial ad involving Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to Marianne Williamson’s awkward hot mic moment, Fox 5 contributor Tim Young joined Jim to break down the big political stories of the week on “The Final 5”

Tracy Dietz and Kelly Gibson join Jim on 'The Final 5'

The GOP scored two wins in North Carolina this week after a pair of special Congressional elections. What does that mean heading into 2020, and should President Trump be concerned about several challenges within his own party? Tracy Dietz and Kelly Gibson joined Jim on “The Final 5” to break it all down (over a glass of their favorite wine.)

Gorsuch's book reflects on journey to SCOTUS

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is out with a new book, “A Republic, If You Can Keep It.” His co-authors: two former clerks, David Feder and Jane Nitze. They joined Jim Lokay on “The Final 5” to talk about working with the justice again, and what surprised them about the process of writing the book together.