What’s next after Newsom wins landslide victory in recall?

Now the California Democratic governor Gavin Newsom has secured an overwhelming when in Tuesday’s recall election, what is this mean for the future of the governor and the Republican party in California? Democratic strategist Jonathan Harris joined Jim on the Final 5 to break it down.

California voters head to polls in Newsom recall

On Tuesday, California voters will cast ballots in the state’s second gubernatorial recall election in two decades. On the ballot: the political fate of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, and the possibility of replacing him with a Republican, just a year shy of the end of his first term. So what issues are driving voters and the candidates? Commentary writer at Western Journal, Cameron Arcand, joins Jim to take a look at what he’s heard on the ground.

Vince and Jason Save the Nation

Common ground isn’t easy to come across in today’s hyper-political environment. A new podcast from the Daily Caller aims to tackle the divide. University of Maryland Senior Lecturer Dr. Jason Nichols and Daily Caller editorial director and WMAL radio host Vince Coglianese host “Vince and Jason Save the Nation,” and they joined Jim on The Final 5 to explain how they came together, and what unites them in spite of their political differences.

A closer look at Texas' restrictive new abortion law

Texas now has one of the strictest abortion laws in the country, banning almost all abortions after 6 weeks. Tonight on the Final 5, Princeton University Political Scientist Lauren Wright, Ph.D is breaking down the law.

Feds push to block robocalls, but is it working?

New rules governing those annoying robocalls took effect this summer, and while the numbers show a small reduction, more than four billion still made it through. Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail, joins Jim to break down the numbers and offer some insight on the best way to move forward.

House set to vote on $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan this month

The clock is ticking for the U.S. House to vote on the White Houses $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan. Last week, they set a deadline of Sept. 27 and there is a lot to work through in the plan. Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity joins The Final 5 to talk about it.

The mental toll of the Afghan withdrawal

As the United States’ 20-year war in Afghanistan draws to a close, many military veterans have been critical of its handling, and the mental toll it is taking on their collective psyches. Eric Rittmeyer, a Marine Corps vet and mental toughness expert, joined Jim on The Final 5 to weigh in.

Congress weighs legalizing marijuana as deadline for comment nears

Wednesday is the deadline for public comment on a series of measures the House is considering to legalize marijuana on the federal level. While it has its detractors, supporters point to the large wave of public sentiment that’s shifted in favor of pro-pot interests in recent years, not to mention the financial windfall some states have already seen. Marijuana entrepreneur Sieh Samura joined Jim on The Final 5 to make his case for legalization.

Analyzing the Afghanistan pullout

As the fallout from Thursday’s bombing in Afghanistan continues, the Biden administration continues its push towards next week’s 8/31 deadline to complete its pullout from the country. But there’s still concern for the thousands who may be left behind. Jamil Jaffer from the National Security Institute at George Mason, an alum of the Bush 43 administration and the Senator Foreign Relations Committee, joins Jim on The Final 5 to take a look at the road ahead.

Deadly Kabul attacks further imperil Afghan withdrawal

On a day where 13 U.S. service members were killed in twin bombings outside of Kabul’s airport, President Biden took responsibility, but maintained he wouldn’t budge on the August 31st withdrawal deadline. Kelley Vlahos from the Quincy Institute joined Jim on The Final 5 to break down what went wrong and what happens next.

Fight over voting rights bill, filibuster loom

While the House passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act this week, granting the DOJ new tools in fighting voter disenfranchisement, another battle is underway in the Senate. That includes the For the People Act, and a push to eliminate the filibuster. Ben Jealous, head of the People for the American Way, is Jim’s guest on The Final 5.

Biden faces major decisions in Afghan pullout

As the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan continues, President Biden’s foreign policy decisions are under the microscope. Harry Kazianis from the Center for the National Interest joins Jim on The Final 5 to look at what went right, what went wrong, and how it compares to the U.S. involvement in Iraq.

U.S. Army Colonel discusses situation in Afghanistan

As the situation in Afghanistan worsens, the U.S. has flown staffers out of the country and approved the deployment of new troops. Col. Greg Solomon of the U.S. Army joins The Final 5 to talk about the latest on the situation.

Conditions worsen in Afghanistan as Taliban gains more territory

The Taliban captured another three provincial capitals in Afghanistan on Friday, completing its sweep of the country's south in a lightning offensive that is gradually encircling Kabul. Adam Weinstein with the Quincy Institute for Repsonsibile Statecraft joins The Final 5 to discuss the implications of these advances.

19 Republicans join Dems in infrastructure vote, but battle looms

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are debating a pair of infrastructure bills: a bipartisan $1.1 trillion compromise to tackle roads and bridges, and the Democrats’ $3 trillion “human infrastructure” measure aimed at health care and college costs. Jim talks about the battle with Republican strategist Jack Kalavritinos on The Final 5.

Will Andrew Cuomo’s problems ensnare his brother?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation marks a remarkable reversal of fortune for a man once considered a White House contender, and even prompting fawning praise from some in the media. Now, pressure is on his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who admitted to taking part in damage control for his brother’s scandals. Siraj Hashmi (@sirajahashmi) joins Jim on The Final 5 to take a look at what went wrong and the lessons learned.

Bridging America’s COVID-19 divide

As COVID rates rise and vaccination levels fall, there’s a new push to appeal to hesitant Americans, especially as schools prepare to reopen. Isaac Wright of the Rural Voting Institute joins Jim on The Final 5 to look at who may be leading the way.

Biden, DeSantis sparring match persists

President Joe Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have been engaged in a very public spat – but is anyone actually winning. In this installment of The Final 5, criminal defense attorney Anthony Tall talks to Jim Lokay about the sparring match.