Record unemployment signals long road for U.S. economy

Nearly 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment, in the first report since the coronavirus outbreak led to massive closures and work disruptions across the country. What does this spell for the next few months? Michael Farren from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University joined Jim on The Final 5 to break it down.

Full steam ahead for Census, even in face of COVID-19

The decennial count of Americans got underway earlier this year, coinciding with the coronavirus crisis. Still, the Census Bureau maintains its mission is vital, and is taking some steps as it continues its constitutionally-mandated duties. Michael Cook, public information officer for the Census Bureau, joined Jim on The Final 5 to break it all down. (More information:

A surprising display of unity, for once, on coronavirus

With the Senate following the House and passing a coronavirus relief bill, already signed by President Trump, it paves the way for more unity on the massive economic recovery needed to get through the ongoing crisis. Republican strategist Adam Goodman joined Jim on “The Final 5” to detail what he thinks could be next in an otherwise famously gridlocked Washington.

How did romaine lettuce scare prepare CDC for COVID-19?

Dozens of E.coli outbreaks in recent years have put the CDC on the hot seat for how it determines who exactly are considered “victims.” And with different methods employed by state and local health departments, it can change the scope of an outbreak on paper, making it look far less invasive than it actually is. Christine Haughney, assistant managing editor of Crain’s New York, covered this as a Spotlight fellow for the Boston Globe. She joined Jim on #TheFinal5 to explain the lessons learned.

Big night for Biden, but what about Bernie?

Six more states held primaries tonight as the Democratic presidential field has been winnowed down to just Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. But with Biden’s big gains in states that Sanders carried in the 2016 primaries, does Sanders have a path to the nomination? Democratic strategist and attorney Titus Nichols joined Jim on The Final 5 to talk about what’s next.

Tips for investing during the stock market turmoil

After a record 2000 point drop in the Dow Jones industrial average, many investors are on edge. While the coronavirus and concerns over the oil markets are driving to sell off, there are ways to deal with it. Financial advisor Rob Wilson joined Jim on the Final 5 to break it all down.

All eyes on Warren as most Dems coalesce behind Bernie or Biden

What will Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren do after a disappointing finish on Super Tuesday? As the race increasingly looks like a two-way faceoff between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, there is speculation about how Dems will move ahead, and how President Trump will deal with his eventual foe. Siraj Hashmi from the Washington Examiner joined Jim Lokay on “The Final 5” to look at what’s next.

Dems react as Biden wins big, shaping showdown with Sanders

The Democratic race for the White House has become a de facto two-man race, with former Vice President Joe Biden resurrecting his once-doomed campaign on Super Tuesday. Still, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has an energized base and vows to go the distance. Political analysts Ameshia Cross and Dave Brown joined Jim on “The Final 5” to take a look at the race, and what Sen. Elizabeth Warren should do next.

Sanders leads, but Biden, Bloomberg make push for Super Tuesday

As Democratic voters head to the polls for Super Tuesday, Virginia will be one of more than a dozen states under the national spotlight. Pollster Cliff Young joins Jim on The Final 5 for a final look at the numbers, and how President Trump’s approval numbers could present a challenge for the eventual nominee.

South Carolina Democratic Debate

Democratic candidates were clearly fired up during Tuesday night's debate in South Carolina. FOX 5's Marina Marraco sat down with PhD candidate and historian Brittany Lee Lewis and Democratic strategist and South Carolina native Dee Dawkins-Haigler to break it all down.

Hexagon returns for 65th season of political satire

D.C.’s original musical political satire show, Hexagon, returns March 6-21 for its annual engagement at the Synetic Theatre in Crystal City, but traversing satire in the age of Trump and political correctness isn’t an easy job. Joe Kaplan and artistic director Jennifer Strand joined Jim Lokay and Tim Young on “The Final 5” to break down what to expect. For tickets: (discounted tickets using the promo code HEXAGON5)

New book revisits Trump pledge to “drain the swamp”

Two journalists from totally different backgrounds come together to offer a vivid look at Washington politics since President Trump’s election. One of them, The Daily Beast’s Asawin Suebsang, joined Jim on “The Final 5” to explain what went into “Sinking in the Swamp” and how it got it’s inspiration from the iconic movie “Goodfellas.”

Dems prepare for Nevada debate, Bloomberg effect

It is a busy week for Democrats in Nevada. On Wednesday, at least five candidates will debate ahead of Saturday’s caucuses. Michael Bloomberg remains a wild card, because while he’s not on the ballot, he may still take part in the debate. Jim breaks it down with Democratic strategist Spencer Critchley on The Final 5.

POTUS targets Sanders post-New Hampshire

After Sen. Bernie Sanders’ narrow victory in the New Hampshire primary, President Trump seems to be turning his sights on him as the presumptive Democratic front runner. Princeton University lecturer Dr. Lauren Wright joined Jim on “The Final 5” to explain what’s next in the 2020 race.

After caucus fiasco, New Hampshire next test for Dems

Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary is the first test for 2020 Dems at the ballot box. As Pete Buttigieg rides the momentum of a strong showing in Iowa, Boston Globe reporter Laura Krantz has been following his campaign on the ground in the Granite State. She joined Jim Lokay from New Hampshire on “The Final 5.”

Now that Trump is acquitted, what’s next?

President Trump’s acquittal won’t signal a sea change in Washington, but the vote revealed some interesting dynamics for senators and voters ahead of the 2020 election. Kelley Vlahos from the American Conservative joined Jim Lokay on The Final 5 to discuss.