#TheFinal5: What is “common sense gun reform?”

In the wake of Tuesday’s deadly rampage at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, many are renewing calls for what’s often referred to as “common sense gun reform?” That includes the so-called Brady Bill, which calls for expanded background checks on gun purchases. It already passed the House but has stalled in the Senate. Kris Brown, president of Brady: United Against Gun Violence, joins Jim to explain how the bill works, if it would have changed anything in Uvalde, and what it means for those concerned about the effect it would have on gun rights.

#TheFinal5: The emotional toll of school shootings

With Uvalde, Texas joining the list of towns impacted by mass shootings, the focus turns to how to deal with the aftermath. Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober worked with many of the people affected by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He joins Jim to talk about the next steps in the process for the community.

#TheFinal5: All Eyes on Georgia

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) faces a primary challenge by former Sen. David Perdue, who has made election denial a centerpiece of his Trump-endorsed campaign. J. Miles Coleman from the University of Virginia Center for Politics joins Jim on #TheFinal5 to take a look at the race and the implications it holds for November.

#TheFinal5: Using Tech to Help Kids’ Mental Well-Being

The pandemic took a major toll on America’s children, including their mental well-being. Now, the startup company Mightier aims to use familiar technology, namely video games, to help parents and health professionals monitor their progress. Dr. Jason Kahn, a childrens’ health researcher and chief science officer of Mightier, joins Jim on #TheFinal5 to explain how it works. (For more information: https://be.mightier.com/study-nimh/)

#TheFinal5: Trump and the Midterms

After another round of primaries ahead of the November midterm elections, former President Donald Trump’s efforts to inject himself into the campaign are being felt in key states like Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Princeton political science professor Dr. Lauren Wright, author of the book “Star Power,” is Jim’s guest on #TheFinal5.

#TheFinal5: Rushern Baker makes another run for Maryland Governor

Former Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker knows the meaning of “if you don’t succeed, try again.” After unsuccessful runs for county executive, he eventually succeeded and won two terms. After his 2018 campaign fell short in a fierce Democratic primary battle, he’s running for governor again with a refreshed view of what goes into a statewide campaign. He talks about the issues facing the state, and why he believes his running mate Nancy Navarro adds to the ticket. Mr. Baker joins Jim on #TheFinal5 to share his vision for Maryland.

#TheFinal5: Robin Ficker runs for Maryland Governor

He’s no stranger to Montgomery County voters, but Robin Ficker is turning his sights to Annapolis. The longtime political fixture, who’s hedging his bets on a vow to cut the state sales tax by 2 cents, joins Jim on #TheFinal5 to talk about the race, what he has to say about his GOP opponents, and if his recent disbarment has changed his approach.

The Final 5: PA Senate election gets national attention

When voters head to the polls in next week’s Pennsylvania primary election, both Democrats and Republicans will choose candidates in a contentious battle for the open seat soon to be vacated by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA.) While Donald Trump is throwing his considerable influence behind celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz, it’s not a slam dunk. Rick Dayton from Pittsburgh’s Newsradio KDKA joins Jim on The Final 5 to look at the race.

#TheFinal5: Congress weighs action after SCOTUS leak

From codifying abortion rights into law, to launching an investigation into the leak of a draft memo suggesting the conservative-leaning SCOTUS would end Roe vs. Wade, Congress is now looking at its options ahead of a potential repeal of the landmark case. Dave Levinthal, Insider Deputy Washington Bureau Chief, is Jim’s guest on #TheFinal5 to lay out what could happen next.

#TheFinal5: Kelly Schulz runs for MD Governor

After serving as a delegate from Frederick County, and a stint in Gov. Larry Hogan’s cabinet, Kelly Schulz is making her case for the state’s top job to #TheFinal5. Schultz, one of four Republicans running in the July primary and the only woman on either major party ticket, is running with the backing of Gov. Hogan. She shares more about her platform with Jim Lokay including fighting crime, and what she would do if the Supreme Court makes a move on Roe v. Wade.

#TheFinal5: How women are changing the ballot dynamic

It used to be the exception when women run for political office. Now, with several high-profile races including several women facing off, it’s the rule. Amanda Hunter from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation joins Jim on "The Final 5" to take a look at how the electorate has evolved, and the unique challenges women seeking political office still face.

#TheFinal5: MTG, Martial Law, and Student Debt

New revelations and recordings detail what some key Republicans were pushing for after the January 6th insurrection, including a suggestion from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) that former President Trump consider invoking martial law. The news comes on the same day news surfaced suggesting the Biden administration is weighing a measure to cancel some student loan debt. Jim breaks it down with the host of “No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen,” Brian Tyler Cohen.

#TheFinal5: Biden on Ukraine, inflation, midterms

As the U.S. continues to provide financial support to Ukraine as it fights off the Russian invasion, President Biden faces mounting troubles at home. Inflation remains high, and approval numbers are low. Ahead of the November midterms, Democrats are plotting strategy. Former Biden campaign surrogate Kevin Walling is Jim’s guest on "The Final 5."

#TheFinal5: Your phone location data and you

Our phones carry so much information about who we are and where we've been, and police are finding that crucial in certain investigations. But is law enforcement entitled to that information? Jane Bambauer, a University of Arizona law professor and Young Voices contributor, is Jim's guest on a topic that's getting more attention in criminal investigations.

#TheFinal5: The return of mask mandates

With the BA.2 variant causing a spike in COVID-19 cases, there are renewed calls for mask mandates. The city of Philadelphia is reinstating a mandate, as well as American University and Georgetown University locally. Political strategist and former HHS official Jack Kalavritinos says there has to be a better approach. He’s Jim’s guest.

#TheFinal5: Alabama passes anti-trans law

Alabama lawmakers joined the parade of GOP-led states looking to limit the rights of transgender students last week, limiting the medications they may be prescribed and their restroom access in schools. Backers call it “protecting students,” but opponents like Rep. Neil Rafferty say the laws disproportionately target the trans community. He joins Jim to break down what’s next.

#TheFinal5: New museum honors Medal of Honor recipients

A new museum honoring America’s 3,511 Medal of Honor recipients is now under construction in Arlington, Texas. Ground was broken in March on the National Medal of Honor Museum, which will also include a presence along the National Mall. Former Navy SEAL and NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, who heads up the museum, is Jim’s guest on "The Final 5." For more information visit mohmuseum.org

#TheFinal5: Elon Musk puts his money where his mouth is

Billionaire Elon Musk, long frustrated with Twitter, announced this week he purchased a 9% stake in the company. Now, he's serving on the Board of Directors, will anything change? The Center for Growth and Opportunity's Will Rinehart joins Jim on "The Final 5."