#TheFinal5: Trump calls to “terminate” Constitution

Former President Donald Trump, in a flurry of posts on his Truth Social network, indicated that the Constitution should be “terminated” in order to address his grievances over the 2020 election and reinstate him to the presidency. Brian Tyler Cohen joins Jim on "The Final 5" to explain why he thought the lack of response from not just fellow Republicans, but the national media, is especially telling.

#TheFinal5: Calls for change atop the GOP

After Republicans fell short of expectations in the November midterms, there have been calls for incumbent party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to step down. One potential replacement has been Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), who ran a stronger-than-expected race in his defeat for New York governor. Conservative columnist Kenny Cody is Jim’s guest on "The Final 5."

#TheFinal5: Strong early vote in GA runoff

The first votes are in ahead of Georgia's runoff for the U.S. Senate, where Sen Raphael Warnock (D) faces Herschel Walker (R). Democratic strategist Calvin Dark joins Jim on "The Final 5."

#TheFinal5: Keeping the politics out of Thanksgiving

It’s inevitable: opinionated family members often try to steer the Thanksgiving dinner chat into a political debate. How can you quell the family feud? Eric Rittmeyer, mental toughness expert and author of “The Emotional Marine” joins Jim on "The Final 5" to offer some help.

#TheFinal5: Dems look at split Congress

When the new Congress convenes in January, Democrats will no longer control the House, even while the Senate remains in their hands. So what do Dems think they can accomplish? Kristal Knight is Jim’s guest on "The Final 5."

#TheFinal5: Cooler heads prevail in Ukraine/Poland missile flap

At the start of the week, an errant missile launch that struck and killed two people inside of Poland had many wondering if we were standing on the precipice of international conflict. Now that it appears that the missile may have been fired by Ukraine, and not Russia as first thought, it’s opening up new questions about what’s next in the response to the war that’s nearing its first year. Global affairs analyst Laura Ballman is Jim’s guest on "The Final 5."

#TheFinal5: Holmes Norton on Pelosi, new GOP Congress

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), who has served with Nancy Pelosi since 1991, joins Jim to offer thoughts on the announcement that Pelosi will be stepping away from party leadership, plus what the incoming Republican majority could mean for D.C. statehood efforts. She also weighs in on efforts by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) to exempt D.C. residents from a bill that would codify same-sex and interracial marriages.

#TheFinal5: With Dems in control, does Georgia runoff matter?

Georgia voters head back to the polls in three weeks to settle the last undecided U.S. Senate race: the battle between incumbent Sen. Reverend Raphael Warnock (D) and challenger Herschel Walker (R). But why does the state rely on a runoff system, and with the Democrats clinching control of the incoming Senate, is it still a must-win? Georgia State University law professor Anthony Michael Kreis joins Jim to explain what it all means.

#TheFinal5: Trump 2024 and the GOP moving forward

As former President Trump announces his third bid for the White House, Republicans are charting a course ahead, including what could be a contentious battle for the nomination with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Barak Lurie is Jim's guest on "The Final 5."

#TheFinal5: Dems look ahead past midterm surprises

Even as control of Congress remains uncertain, Democrats are looking ahead past a midterm election where they sustained surprising wins and a smaller-than-expected loss on the House. Jonathan Harris joins Jim to discuss what's next and whether leadership changes are on the horizon.

#TheFinal5: As Virginia goes, so goes the nation?

Tuesday’s re-election victories by incumbent Democratic Congresswomen Jennifer Wexton and Abigail Spanberger may also point to a change in strategy ahead of 2024. Jim discusses the midterms, and also what’s next for Gov. Glenn Youngkin with Mica Soellner from the Washington Times on "The Final 5."

#TheFinal5: Making the case against Initiative 82 in D.C.

D.C. voters are set to weigh in on a measure to extend the city’s minimum wage of $16.10 an hour to all tipped employees, primarily restaurant workers. Mark Bucher, co-owner of Medium Rare, joins Jim on "The Final 5" to explain why he’s against the measure, but also why he believes the idea could have some eventual success in a different form.

#TheFinal5: Yesli Vega on Election Eve

In one of the most-watched Congressional races, Prince William County Supervisor Yesli Vega (R) is challenging incumbent Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D). She joins Jim on the eve of the election to lay out her agenda and why she thinks change is needed in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

#TheFinal5: Dems look at midterms

Thirteen days until the midterms, Democrats are facing the Herculean task of holding onto both chambers of Congress in a year where Republicans are traditionally favored to flip one or both chambers. Democratic strategist Kevin Walling joins Jim on "The Final 5."

#TheFinal5: Pandemic learning loss

A new assessment says America’s children suffered significant learning loss due to pandemic-related shutdowns and virtual learning. Former U.S. Education Secretary and Educational Trust head John King, who served in the Obama administration, joins Jim to take a look at the findings, where school leaders should focus on improvement, and whether he agrees with Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s stance that decisions on the local level hampered those efforts.

#TheFinal5: Denver Riggleman and the 1/6 Committee, “The Breach”

Former Virginia Congressman Denver Riggleman, a Republican and member of the Freedom Caucus, is out with a new book (“The Breach”) detailing his work with the January 6th Committee. He joins Jim to talk about what he learned along the way, why he upset members of the committee with the book, and what he sees as the next steps for the GOP.

#TheFinal5: Lettuce outlasts Liz Truss; No match for Producer Loreto

Liz Truss resigned as leader of the Conservative Party after just 44 days in office. It's the shortest term ever for a British Prime Minister, but the writing was on the wall after her failed tax cuts shook financial markets. A head of lettuce may have outlasted the U.K.'s most recent prime minister via Daily Star livestream, but it was no match for our very own Producer Loreto.