LIKE IT OR NOT: Living in a retirement community

A young woman went viral on social media after revealing that she lives in a retirement community, so that got FOX 5's "Like It Or Not" crew thinking if they would do the same. Spoiler alert: they probably would!

LIKE IT OR NOT: 12 date rule

A matchmaker recommends couples go on 12 dates before engaging in intercourse. Phone calls, texts, and long days spent together all count as dates. But Sarah, Caitlin, and Marina don't agree on the 12-date rule.

LIKE IT OR NOT: Unofficial 'Bridgerton' Musical

Streaming giant Netflix is now suing the creators of the Unofficial Bridgerton Musical for "blatant infringement." Guy thinks the word "unofficial" may save the creators and Angie says the unofficial Bridgerton duo should've just collaborated with Netflix.