VIDEO: Max Scherzer plays catch with young Mets fan in New York

If you thought Max Scherzer was a good guy before, just wait until you watch this video.

Before Wednesday's game in New York, the Washington Nationals pitcher was playing catch in the outfield-- only it wasn't with his teammate. Instead, he tossed the ball with a young Mets fan who was watching from the outfield stands-- and that boy's father was rolling on the whole thing.

Joe La Rocca tweeted video of his 11-year-old son, Joseph, and his big moment with Scherzer. La Rocca tells FOX 5 his family goes to about 20 games a year. The proud dad couldn't hold in his excitement as he shot video of the moment his son will never forget.

"This is a dream!" La Rocca says as his son and Scherzer toss the ball back and forth. "Joe's playing catch with Max Scherzer! Are you kidding me?"

"Amazing! I'm never giving this ball away. There's no way," Joe, Jr. says.

La Rocca tells FOX 5 it made some kind of impression on both of them.

Watch the entire video shared with FOX 5 by Joe La Rocca above!