Shaquille O'Neal shares plans to run for sheriff in Henry County, Georgia

Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal shared his plans to run for sheriff in Henry County, Georgia.

The four-time NBA champion sat down to talk to FOX 5's Brody Logan at Maryland Live! Casino on Thursday and talked at length about his plans to serve his community.

"I love people. I love children. I love juvenile delinquents and I love the police. When I was coming up police and people were like this," O'Neal said as he crossed his fingers together. "We rolled through the neighborhood and it was like, 'Hey Officer Jones, I heard about you fighting, don't let me catch you.' They gave us chances. My uncle was a cop."

O'Neal said he wants to build a positive relationship with the community.

"Me as a sheriff, I'm not going to try to brutalize youngsters. I realize what they're going through. I speak the language so I can have a certain conversation with them," he said.

In the video player above, watch O'Neal's interview with Brody.