Redskins QB Alex Smith breaks the silence about breaking his leg to FOX 5's Angie Goff

Redskins quarterback Alex Smith has broken his silence for the first time since breaking his leg last fall.

FOX 5's Angie Goff talked to Smith earlier this week - and you can listen to it on her "Oh My Goff" podcast.

Smith told Goff that he still wants to play - and that he feels good enough to consider returning.

The 35-year-old told Goff that he's been getting back into the swing of things - golfing, working out, driving.

"Stuff happens to everybody - life happens. I feel like for me this is a time for me to be tested and I have this challenge in front of me and how can I handle it," Smith said.

In a month or, Smith hopes he can start running again, but he says throwing hasn't been a problem.

Smith says he's advancing faster than he thought he would.

Click on the player below to listen to the entire interview.