GA girl takes priceless notes on dad watching Falcons in Super Bowl

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An 8-year-old from Acworth spent her Super Bowl Sunday taking careful notes about her father as he watched his favorite team - the Atlanta Falcons - during the game.

The Poirrier family decided to go all out for the Super Bowl last weekend, in hopes of watching the Falcons win their first Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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Amanda Poirrier said they wore Falcons colors, painted their nails and her children created homemade signs. They were all excited for the game, but Amanda's husband, Caleb, was especially pumped up.

"He was born and raised in Georgia and loves our team," Amanda told FOX 5's Katie Muse. "The Falcons even getting to go to the Super Bowl was a big deal."

The couple's 8-year-old daughter, Skylee, is also a huge sports fan and was just as excited for the big game.

"She was very focused on watching the game through the first half," Amanda said.

However, as the Super Bowl continued and the second half rolled around, Skylee's focus quickly switched gears and she became more amused by what was going on inside her own home: her dad's reactions to the game.

"He is a very vocal sports-watcher," Amanda said.

Skylee decided to take notes as her dad watched the nail-biting event on FOX 5. She recorded the following:

Amanda told FOX 5 she originally posted a picture of her daughter's hilarious notes on Facebook, then a co-worker shared it on Imgur and it quickly went viral.

"Caleb thinks the whole thing is hilarious," Amanda said. "It is one positive thing that came out of such a painful game."

Amanda said her husband was screaming in joy and cried at the end out of disappointment.

"Like a lot of Falcons fans, he was very distraught, hence the crying, the night of the Super Bowl, but now his disappointment has turned to determination that we will rise up and return to the Super Bowl," she said.

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Amanda also told FOX 5 the "weird commercial" recorded in her daughter's notes was the Kia ad with Melissa McCarthy.

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