Former UGA Football Star Mourns Son's Death

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Former UGA and NFL football player Danny Ware continues to deal with a loss no parent should have to endure after his 3-year-old son died in an accident.

The wreck happened in Houston, Texas last Friday. Ware's youngest son, Danny Josiah, was riding his bike when a driver hit and killed him. The child was with his mother.

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"He was the most intelligent, active, strong, full of life young man a father could ever want," said Ware.

Wednesday morning, Ware and his lawyer answered questions at a news conference regarding the accident. They both said they want answers and believe someone should be held responsible.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart said while criminal charges do not appear likely, Ware could still pursue civil litigation.

"Somebody's gonna pay for this," said Stewart. "I mean, you killed somebody's child. How did that happen?"

The former University of Georgia running back, who later played for the Super Bowl-winning New York Giants, is in the middle of a legal battle with his wife over where their son will be buried. Ware said his wife left him just days before the accident and took their two children to Texas.

"I just want to do what's right and to me, that is bringing Danny Josiah back to Georgia, burying him so his friends and family can celebrate him," Ware explained.

Ware also wants his older son, Amaree Caleb, to be returned to Atlanta.

So far, Ware's wife has not responded to requests for comment.