Clinton Portis weighs in on Redskins' decision to claim troubled linebacker Reuben Foster

Former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis weighed in on the team's controversial decision to claim linebacker Reuben Foster, saying he believes Foster deserves the chance to be heard.

"It's always two sides to the story," Portis said. "Once we hear Reuben's side and all the evidence comes out, then we can make judgment."

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The Redskins claimed Foster off waivers Tuesday after the San Francisco 49ers cut him following a domestic violence arrest this past weekend. The linebacker had been accused of abusing the same woman earlier this year, but the domestic violence charge was dropped in May after the woman recanted her allegations.

"We've heard this story before and it was recanted, so let everything play out and see how it goes," Portis said.

It is a sentiment some members of the broader community have made clear they do not agree with.

"What it really tells us is where the Washington football team puts its values," said D.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence Policy Director Dawn Dalton.

The organization has called Foster's signing "completely unacceptable" and says it shows the team prioritizes winning and the revenue that comes with it over its players, their families and the community at large.

Portis, however, said that is just not the case.

Asked if he thinks the team made a mistake claiming Foster given all of the backlash, he said, "I don't know the evidence. If it comes out that he's done something - yes. If it comes out that he's clear - no. So until we get all the evidence, until this unfolds and we find out what happened, I just think it's a situation we got to let play out."

If you or someone you love is a survivor of domestic abuse and looking for help, the D.C. Victim Hotline can be reached at 844-HELP-DC.