Audi Field: Exclusive look at DC United's new stadium

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As the world anticipates the World Cup, which kicks off on June 14, DC soccer fans are anticipating the opening of DC United's new Audi Field.

The new $200-million stadium is slated to open July 14, but FOX 5 got an exclusive sneak-peek at the field Monday. The grass-field stadium in Navy Yard is surrounded by 20,000 seats and 31-luxury suites.

"I think what's most special and what fans will notice is that you're right on top of the action," said Randy Swanson, the owners' representative for Legends, the company building the stadium. "The bowl is a little steeper than normal and the seats come right up to the sideline so that intimacy and being a part of the game is a little unique for this type of facility."

Swanson said there are about 600 workers working to meet the July 14 deadline, but noted most of the work at this point is putting on the finishing touches. As excited as fans are for the new stadium, the DC United players said they can't wait to play in the new digs either.

"We're ready to get here but more importantly for the fans," DC United defender Steve Birnbaum, who's in his fifth season with the team, said. "They've been in RFK for a long time. RFK is really historic, but it'll be nice to get into somewhere that is just our own."

As DC awaits the opening of Audi Field, don't forget you can watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup on FOX beginning June 14.