A tale of two quarterbacks: How do they compare?

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are headed to the Super Bowl and given the time to the big game, many are going to look at every play, statistic, and history of the two teams. No doubt, the next week and a half will hold full comparisons between Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, but they won't be coming from the Falcons head coach.

"I'm not going to get into comparing the two guys. That's unfair to either, but what I can tell you is both of them are unbelievable competitors," said Dan Quinn.

One man with a unique perspective on Number 12 and Number 2 is Joe Vellano. The defensive lineman spent a few seasons with the New England Patriots before coming to Atlanta.

"Very similar players both very smart, both very good with the ball, very competitive and you know, similar style of quarterbacks. You know, it's going to definitely be, you know, be a good game for sure," said the defensive tackle.

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Stopping Tom Brady will be the Falcons' focus for Super Sunday and for Dewight Freeney, it's been his life's work.

"Well, I mean, me and Tom's deal goes back to college when he was at Michigan and I was at Syracuse. So, I've been chasing Tom for a long time. I have so much respect for him, you know, what he's done in his career," said the Falcon's defensive end. "How he manages that offense. How he's so consistant year in and year out."

After playing Brady twice in college, Freeney just can't explain how Brady fell to the 199th pick of the NFL Draft.

"I think everybody messed up and didn't pick him in the first round. Tom was a beast back then. I think Tom was actually play baseball, I think, at the time as well. You know, so, he's a talented guy regardless of where they pick him up in the Draft," said Freeney.

That former sixth round pick will be going for his fifth Super Bowl ring a week from Sunday at NRG Stadium in Houston.

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