The Good Word: Grammy-nominated singer and actor Major.

His name is MAJOR. and he’s joining us on THE GOOD WORD podcast !  His star struck fiercely at the debut of the now Gold Certified (nearly Platinum) Hit Love Song, "Why I Love You". 

All over the world [as Stevie Wonder projected] lovers have commissioned the breakout ballad to soundtrack milestone moments never to be forgotten. MAJOR. is becoming a household name for many simply because he won’t stop charming hearts with his message of Love & Hope laced in that signature falsetto! "Honest", a song that speaks of vulnerability & truth being one’s greatest power, claimed his first GRAMMY & Soul Train Awards nominations.

Now, after 2 indy solo projects, over 300 Million Digital Streams, 7 Image Award Nods, 2 Network TV Shows, Movies, Legendary CoSigns, and 3 National Tours - he’s far from finished! Much more to come from the Hope Dealer as he can only be as mighty as his name proclaims - MAJOR.!  


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