I Still Have a Keycard Podcast: Episode #12: Tom Fitzgerald

He's a guy who, as he'll tell you, always wants to be where the action is. Makes sense, especially since he's a reporter. But because of what he does, there's a lot you probably don't know about what makes TOM FITZGERALD who he is.

Enter SARAH FRASER. On this episode of I Still Have a Keycard, she chats with the man we lovingly refer to as FITZ about the best story he's ever told (which also happens to be the worst story he's ever been faced with telling); politics and the craziness that is the 2016 presidential race.

Fitz also talks about his family, becoming a dad at the age of 40 and how that's impacted his relationship with his own daughter. He also opens up about how he now reflects on his own rocky relationship with his dad, who had Alzheimer's disease at the end of his life.

And of course, he talks plenty of SPRINGSTEEN. Give it a listen below (app users: click here!).


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