World War II bracelet found

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It took 70 years, but a World War II soldier's gift to his wife is finally in the hands of his family here in Georgia. It's a small sweetheart bracelet that has Ron Stowe's father's name on the front and his mother's name along with his engraved on the back.

Ron Stowe lives in Gainesville. His father, Joe Stowe, was in the Army, stationed in Iceland during World War II. Ron never knew the bracelet existed. Then, a few weeks ago, he heard from a woman in England named Audrey Jackson.

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Jackson's father was in the British Royal Air Force. He was also stationed in Iceland and somehow had possession of the bracelet. The 80-year-old British woman turned to the internet and eventually tracked down Ron.

"It didn't have any sentimental value to her, but she said she couldn't bring herself to throw it away," said Stowe.

Jackson told Stowe she didn't know why her father had the bracelet, but she remembered him saying he got it from an American.

Stowe said at first he didn't believe it could be possible. His father has been gone 20 years, his mother passed away a couple of years ago, he had no one to ask about it and since he was just a toddler at the time, he had no memory of a bracelet. When the bracelet arrived in the mail, He said memories and thoughts of his dad swirled through his mind.

"He was just about to go to England and the invasion of Normandy. I was wondering what went through his mind, did he wonder, will this be the last thing I'll send to my wife?"

Ron treasures the bracelet and says one day he will pass it down to his own son and grandson.

"I hope they'll look at it, remember the store and remember World War II."