Woman's performance of ‘O Holy Night' in Union Station goes viral, tells all on Good Day DC

A woman belting out the holiday classic 'O Holy Night' in the middle of a D.C. metro station has risen to social media fame.

The viral video posted on Facebook has peaked over 300,000 views, and has thousands of shares. Forget an encore, her fans pleaded for a soundtrack and wanted to know who the mystery singer was.

After doing a bit of research, FOX 5 was able to track her down for a Skype interview on Good Day DC.

Walker and some family were in the District earlier this month. They had been working in Virginia and managed to make room for a fun day in the nation's capital.

Low and behold, when the crew arrived to Union Station only to find the Red Line out of service, anxiety set in.

Walker told Umeh, "I wanted to sing but also kind of because we didn't know where we was going. It was just an opportunity to not be anxious for a second. I told my daughter, record this while we wait."

She said she knew the minute she yelled at her son, who was walking backwards down the steps, that the acoustics in the metro were "off the chain!" So what better way to test it out than with song?

Where does her talent stem from? Well, it helps that Walker's parents are both professional vocal coaches, music teachers, and both play the piano.

Did we mention her father is also a pastor? Which would explain her beautiful choir like voice.

While she does have an awesome gig as an on-call singer in the Michael Jackson Cirque-du-Soleil show her dreams go beyond the glitzy Vegas stripe.

Walker is also an avid songwriter and plays the piano. She's aiming for three Grammy's and then some-- we wish her lots of luck too!

She concluded the interview by telling Umeh that she was once a victim of domestic violence, and anything is possible with a foundation of faith.