Woman whose vehicle was carjacked and later used during deadly shooting of Makiyah Wilson speaks out

FOX 5 was first to report that a man was arrested and charged with carjacking a vehicle used in the shooting that killed 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson in her D.C. neighborhood last month.

After the deadly shooting, the car was found abandoned in Prince George's County in Maryland.

Investigators now believe the car was taken in the carjacking by 21-year-old Kevin Eugene Jones. On Tuesday, the carjacking victim spoke to FOX 5 about her terrifying ordeal.

The female victim said she only had her Infiniti G35 for three months before she was held up at gunpoint outside of her own home in Lanham. Sixteen days later, she would learn about the tragic death of Wilson and recognize her car.

"I suffered a concussion behind this," she said. "Trying to go back to work is incredibly difficult. Just even going outside my front door is incredibly difficult. I have no sense of security in my house."

Surveillance video recorded on July 1 from her front yard shows two men driving off in her black Infiniti and a van after she was carjacked.

"Next thing I know, there is a gentleman standing at my driver's side window telling me to get the F out of my car with a gun pointed to my face," the victim described. "I remember just looking at him like - I'm just shocked. Are you serious? In my head - is this really going on? In front of my house? Then he asks me, 'B****, are you stupid?'

"I turned around to grab my phone. I could care less about the car, but I wanted to be able to call for some type of help. And as I turned my head, he hit me upside the head with the gun. After that, he unlocked the door from the outside, opened the door, yanked me out of my car and tossed me on the ground."

More than two weeks later, she recognized her car on the news after surveillance video released by D.C. police showed several suspects get out of her Infiniti and fire their weapons in all directions.

One of those bullets struck and killed 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson, who was getting ice cream with friends. Her older sister was also injured.

Police have not made an arrest for Wilson's murder and the carjacking victim said she continues to live with that grief.

"What were you all doing for 16 days before you did this heinous act in my car? And why a child had to lose her life behind it because it you were beefing with somebody? Like I said, I just want justice for her. I'm grateful that they could find somebody who could link it to me, but I'm still living and breathing. My daughter is 10 years old so I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose my child. She is my only child."

Police have charged Jones for the July 1 carjacking in Prince George's County, but the other masked man armed with the gun during the incident remains on the run.

It is not clear if Jones will face any charges in connection to Wilson's murder.