Woman trying to track down family of misplaced urn

Imagine your loved one's remains are lost during a move. One woman on the West Coast is in possession of a misplaced urn. She believes the family of the deceased may live in the D.C. area and she has been trying for several years now to track them down.

"People have said why don't you just scatter him somewhere or toss him, but I just can't do it," said Kate Justice.

Justice and her family spoke with us on Skype. They have been in possession of an urn which doesn't belong to them for more than seven years now.

It is engraved with the name Earl S. Johnson Jr. with the word "DADDY" in quotes below.

"There is a room in the house that has been nicknamed Earl's room, so he has had a perfectly good place to be right here," said Dan Justice.

They are keeping the urn safe at Kate's mother's house, but have been attempting years to return it.

"He needs to get home," said Dan. "Someone has got to be looking for him."

The urn full of ashes turned up in a box that was left in Justices' home in Portland, Oregon by a moving company back in 2007. Kate couldn't get that company to take it back even after telling them what was inside.

"Got no response whatsoever," Kate said. "Sent them a picture of the urn. Nothing. From the paperwork, the names and the address, I used that. I sent letters hoping there was a forward on the mail. I wrote to the Social Security Administration and I had heard they would forward mail for you."

She even took the urn to a funeral home for advice.

"They opened it up and found the original crematorium," she said. "I tried contacting them, but they were closed."

Some documents also found in the box revealed Johnson's wife's name was Ophelia.

The clues have led Justices to an address in Hyattsville, Md., at the Rollingcrest Commons senior community.

Kate reached out to FOX 5 to see if we would get involved.

It turns out a couple by the names of Earl and Ophelia Johnson lived at the complex at that time. But the family moved out in 2008 and there is no forwarding address.

If you knew Earl Johnson or his family, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us at FOX 5 by calling 202-895-3000, email us at wttg.desk@foxtv.com or tweet Lauren DeMarco at @ldemarcofox5.