Woman rescued from rushing waters after car flips off road

DeKalb County Fire Rescue crews saved a woman from rushing waters Wednesday morning after her car went off the road into a water-filled ravine.

The rescue took place near a quiet subdivision on Snapfinger Road at Snapfinger Circle. Fire officials told us the female driver veered off the road, most likely lost control of the wheel and went over a guardrail. She either got herself out of the car or was forced out by water and managed to situate herself on a creek bed nearby.

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A two-tier fire team went into the stream, according to officials. One group went to the car and the other searched nearby waters for a victim.

"Knowing that time was precious, we needed to keep that crew moving toward where the patient was," Captain Eric Jackson told FOX 5's Kaitlyn Pratt.

According to Captain Jackson, the woman was able to hold on and waited for firefighters to get to the scene. He said being able to hold on and wait was a feat itself.

Firefighters are working with a towing company to get the vehicle back upstream.

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital.