Woman hospitalized after altercation on Metrobus

A woman had to be taken to the hospital after a verbal altercation on a Metrobus turned violent.

Emergency crews were called to a bus stop near 2nd and H streets in Northeast D.C. during the Tuesday evening rush hour as a fight spilled out onto the street.

Metro Transit Police said it all started at around 6 p.m. when two women got into an argument on the X2 Metrobus. It is unclear what sparked it.

Cellphone video of the incident posted on Twitter, which has been viewed tens of thousands of times, begins in the middle of the altercation between two riders, with one woman calling others the n-word while exiting the bus along H Street. However, the video clip cuts off after that.

The next video clip appears to show that same woman lying on the street with a bloody face and head as the bus drives away. People on the Metrobus can be heard on the video yelling back at her.

One day later, blood still sits on the sidewalk where the physical altercation occurred. Metro Transit Police told FOX 5 the woman was treated at the hospital with lacerations to her face and head, but she is expected to survive.

Police said two suspects were stopped nearby and identified, but no arrests were made. The investigation is ongoing.