Woman finds opossum in closet, records herself trying to get it out

Tara McVicar was in for more than she expected when she was cleaning out her indoor/outdoor closet and found an opossum inside. The possum (as they are commonly called) was in a plastic bag on the floor of the room and wasn't in a hurry to leave.

"OK, so a possum moved into my closet," Tara said. "I don't know how he got in and I don't know how to get him out."

Little did she know that the 'he' was a 'she' and that the mother brought with her all of her opossum babies.

"Do not poke the possum," Tara said as it snarled and hissed at her after she tried shooing it out with a broom.

"I see you; I hear you; you sound crazy," she said. A basket trap also failed to capture the creature and her young.

Finally, the opossum mother, and her babies (as many as nine clinging to her back) slowly walk outside and headed off into the woods.

"Aww, I'm going to miss you. You taught me a lot," she said as the opossum left. "Just take 3rd all the way to Beverly Hills."

WATCH IT HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD4_yGhzpp0