Woman claims boyfriend dumped her, accused her of 'catfishing' him by using makeup to cover acne

A woman has claimed her now ex-boyfriend dumped her after finding out that she used makeup to cover up her acne.

The unidentified woman wrote in a since-deleted post on the popular Reddit forum "Am I the A--H----," explaining her hormonal acne and her boyfriend's reaction when she went barefaced during a weekend trip.

The 20-year-old said that for the first handful of dates, she wore makeup to disguise her breakouts -- which usually affect her chin and cheeks. However, when the pair decided to go on a trip with some friends, she did not cover up the blemishes.

"This weekend, me, the guy and a few of our mutual friends went on a backpacking trip and he saw me with no makeup for the first time," she explained in the post, according to Daily Mail.

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