Woman accused of stealing millions from ex-fiance

The lavish trips are over, the wedding plans in ruins and millions of dollars in gold and diamonds are missing.
Now, the case surrounding a couple's breakup may require two courtrooms to resolve - and put one of them in jail.

While most brides to-be are busy booking their wedding photographer for the big day, Mary Catherine Hunt was taking a booking photo.

Attorney Anthony Rickman, who analyzed the case for FOX 13, said it was an ugly breakup, and is playing out in two different courtrooms.

"Can it can uglier? Without a doubt, because you're going to have issues of, 'what's a gift? What is his?'" Rickman said.

Millionaire business man Scott Mitchell accused Hunt, his ex-fiance, of breaking into his home and stealing millions of dollars worth worth diamonds, jewels and gold.

He claims she even had some of the pricey loot shipped to her parents' home in Virginia - and that her parents helped her do it.

Now, Mitchell is taking all three of them to federal court to get his precious items back. Rickman believes Mitchell has a good case.

"Just because you want your property and you think it's yours, doesn't mean you go to someone else's house and take it. That sets you up for criminal and civil liability," he explained.

However, the lawsuit may be the least of Hunt's troubles. She is also facing criminal charges of grand theft that could send her away for a long time.

"If she thinks the jewels, the gold the diamonds were given as a gift, she could have sued him in court for it, and get her gift back. She took the law into her own hands," said Rickman.

The dollar amount tied to the items Hunt was accused of stealing means she faces first-degree felonies and up to 30 years in prison.