WINTER WONDERLAND: Christmas light display amazes in Montgomery County

It's going to be hard for Santa to miss an impressive Christmas light display in Montgomery County during the holiday season.

SkyFox captured aerial footage of the display Monday night and the lights are even more impressive down on the ground in person.

The homeowner of this well-lit private residence told FOX 5's Gary McGrady that her light display has been put up for the last five years. There are more than 275,000 LED lights on this property along with almost 200 snowmen and other figurines lit up all across the property. Some of the colorful decorations include candy canes, polar bears, the South Pole and penguins playing ice hockey.

Many on the FOX 5 DC Facebook page have wondered how much the homeowner's electric bill costs to light up this display. While there are a lot of lights, many are lit from solar power. According to the homeowner, the bill costs less than $1,000 for the entire season.

If you are trying to get a glimpse of the beautiful lights and decorations in person, just know that this Christmas display is not open to the public, so the exact location of this winter wonderland will remain secret.