WILD CARD TESTIMONY: Daron Wint's brother takes the stand at Mansion Murders trial

A crucial witness for the prosecution in the D.C. Mansion Murders case spent several hours on the stand Wednesday.

Darrell Wint, the brother of suspect Daron Wint, is the wild card in this trial. Even though he has not been charged in this case, the defense has pointed the finger at Darrell Wint for masterminding the vicious murders of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper.

Darrell Wint spent most of the day on the stand answering questions about where he was three years ago on May 13 and May 14 - the days of abductions and murders at the Savopoulos' home on Woodland Drive in Northwest D.C.

Under questioning from both the prosecution and defense, Darrell Wint spoke mostly in one-word and two-word answers.

Multiple times during questioning from both sides, he testified he didn't remember phone numbers he may have called or where he was at certain times from May 12 to May 21 - Darrell Wint had told the court that May 21 was the day that he helped his brother purchase money orders to pay for an attorney and arrange for Daron's surrender to police.

Darrell Wint had a vague recollection as to where he was on May 13, which plays into the theory by the defense. He said he thinks he looked for work in the morning for a day laborer job at a trash hauling place, and then spent several hours at a friend's house in Gaithersburg, Maryland looking at a video his friend had made.

Later that night, he thinks he was out drinking with two friends at a couple of bars on Georgia Avenue, but he wasn't sure.

Prosecutors showed the jury phone records and a receipt to prove Darrell Wint was in Silver Spring, Md., and ordered a pizza from Domino's on May 14 - at around the same time Daron Wint told the jury he was at Woodland Drive with his brother committing the crimes.

Prosecutors also showed records indicating Darrell Wint's phone was in use all day on May 13 and May 14 - making and receiving dozens of calls. He swore under oath that the phone was with him both days and he gave it to no one.

Under cross examination and redirect testimony, Darrell Wint was asked if he wanted to be there on the stand. He responded that he did not want to be there and he was ashamed and disappointed about what his brother was being accused of.

Darrell Wint also made it very clear to the jury that he did come to the U.S. Attorney's Office several times to speak with the prosecutors about this case, but he never asked for immunity. He said he did receive a subpoena to testify, but he had nothing to hide.

The rebuttal testimony continues Thursday and closing arguments are expected to take place on Monday.