What happened to 'LION Lunch Hour' and 'DMV Zone' on FOX 5?

Q: "I tuned in to see LION Lunch Hour at 11am, and then DMV Zone at 3pm on FOX 5 DC and they weren't on. I thought both shows were so popular!"

A: Don't worry, friend! First, thanks for acknowledging the popularity - indeed, both shows which are brand new to FOX 5 this fall are #1 in their respective time slots (so we must also THANK YOU for watching!)

As for where the shows went? They are on a little hiatus during FOX's coverage of the World Cup in Qatar starting Monday, November 21st. During this time, in addition to soccer, FOX 5 World Cup specials will air each day through December 6th with a finale on December 9th. 

The next LION Lunch Hour and DMV Zone shows will air again on December 7th and 8th - then returning full time 5-days a week on December 12th.

In the meantime - for LION Lunch Hour, we have tons of clips from previous shows where you can get culinary inspiration and incredible guests. You can also check out DMV Zone's homepage featuring clips as well from previous shows that are sure to inform, inspire and entertain.

You also will find many videos on FOX 5 DC's YouTube - here's the playlist for LION Lunch Hour, and one for DMV Zone

You can see FOX 5's complete TV listings, here