Wendy Williams celebrates 10 years of the Wendy Show on Good Day DC

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Daytime host Wendy Williams stopped by FOX 5 on Tuesday to celebrate her show's 10th anniversary with the Good Day DC crew.

The "Wendy's Season 10 Tour" is heading around the country and made DC her first stop.

Wendy sat down with Maureen and Holly to talk about her show after 10 years and her career as the Gossip Queen of TV.

Wendy says it's taken a lot to be where she is now.

"It doesn't feel like 10 years, it feels like we're just getting started," she tells Maureen and Holly.

"I feel more comfortable," she said.

While the TV business is very competitive, but she's been able to make a show that viewers keep on coming back to after all this time.

"You know a lot of times when people are on TV, they don't give you a chance to get in your comfort zone, because we live in an age now where people lose interest very quickly. They give you five episodes to make something happen. You know, it takes longer. It takes time," she said.

Wendy has become known for what she calls her "slick mouth" and sometimes people don't like her for what she says, but after her career as a broadcaster for over 30 years, she says she can't be anyone but herself.

"Sometimes I say [something] and I'm like 'Oop, shouldn't have said that.' That's going to be taken the wrong way even though I know what I meant. 'Oop, shouldn't have said that.' Yeah. People are very very picky. People pick and try to find something wrong that you said. I can't do it anymore. I can only be 'Wendy.'"

Wendy says she has an excellent team to keep the show going -- with about 150 working on the show, including the crew, cameramen, producers, and her glam squad!

The TV host also dedicates a portion of her time to the "Be Here" campaign, as part of the Hunter Foundation, which she started with her husband and son in 2014 to help young people with drug addiction with support and recovery programs.

"You can never talk enough about addiction and substance abuse," says Wendy, who says she herself dealt with addiction.

You can find out more or donate to The Hunter Foundation and Be Here online.

Wendy is hosting a SOLD OUT show at The Fillmore in Silver Spring Tuesday night where she'll give the crowd a live look at popular show segments like Ask Wendy and Hot Topics! She'll also have a glam squad, a selfie station and a DJ spinning her favorite tunes.

Watch Wendy chat with Maureen and Holly, and hear her answer a few questions from Fox 5 viewers on "Ask Wendy" in the player above.

Catch the 10th season of the Wendy Williams show when it premieres on September 10th on FOX 5!