Welcomed sight: Publix convoy headed to Panhandle

A Florida man who was on his way to help friends affected by Hurricane Michael in the Panhandle caught a welcomed sight on video: A convoy of Publix trucks also on their way to help.

"We saw some depressing damage, but this convoy lifted our spirits!" Ralph Alspach posted along with his video.

Alspach said he was on U.S. Route 231 on his way to help friends clear trees from their roofs and clean up their yards. He pulled over to the side of the road to stop and wait on friends who were following him to help and had gotten stuck behind the convoy, so he decided to take video of the wondrous sight.

"Here they come," he's heard on video saying. "The best convoy known to mankind is coming over the hill. Publix is here!" he said.

The video shows at least 10 semi-trailer trucks, one after the other, escorted by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper with the siren blaring.

Publix shared Alspach's post onto its Facebook page with the caption: "Thank you, Ralph, for helping others. It's our pleasure to be there for our communities in times of need."

Publix Super Markets Charities has donated $250,000 so far to the American Red Cross and United Way to help fund Hurricane Michael relief efforts. The supermarket chain says it is also accepting donations by customers at checkout and all funds collected will go to the Red Cross.