Website tackles Mayor Bowser's homeless shelter plan

In wake of Mayor Bowser's proposal for new homeless facilities, a nonpartisan independent citizens group has launched a website in hopes to bring Washington's Wards together.

'We Are for Responsible DC' is pushing to bring awareness to plans, polices and conflicts of interest in order to achieve a more effective, accountable, open and ethical government.

The group wants more transparency in the process, a better understanding of the financials and more involvement of the community in all eight Wards to end homelessness.

The website outlines the plan that Mayor Bowser has put in place for the several short-term family housing facilities, includes numerous articles related to the concerns and comments residents have about the plan, the locations picked for each of the facilities and also a list of upcoming events for DC's wards to attend.

Also included in the website is an online petition for better shelter plan transparency.