'We are trying to prove her wrong': Virginia students take on teacher's social media challenge

Students of Oakton High School are asking social media to help them win extra credit points for a very tough Algebra class.

At some point in our academic studies, most of us can probably thank those coveted extra credit points for saving our skin! And you may also remember some teachers being more generous than others when offering those life saving points.

But a Ms. Kormanec of Oakton High School is making it challenging for her Honors Algebra 2 class. In a post uploaded to Instagram and Twitter the teacher wrote:

"If this gets 10,000 likes on Instagram or 5,000 retweets on Twitter, Ms. Kormanec will give Honors Algebra 2 extra points on their final projects."

So far the post has over 1,800 likes on Instagram and over 50 retweets!

The challenge was started when her class stressed how hard the project was. So in efforts to see them through, Ms. Kormanec promised extra points with the above condition.

"Many people were struggling in the class and she thought 10,000 likes couldn't happen. So we are trying to prove her wrong," Snehan Biswas told FOX 5.

Biswas is a freshman at Oakton High and is really hoping social media can help his class.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and support these kids with a like or retweet!