WATCH: Woman appears to stash liquor bottle down pants

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Police in Louisiana are looking for a woman who allegedly made a boozy heist from a Shreveport liquor store.

It happened last Friday. You can the woman grab bottles off the shelf and stashes them basically anywhere she's got room for.

The video, provided by Caddo Crime Stoppers, appears to show the woman putting a bottle into her purse, with another bottle in-hand. Then she seems to stuff a bottle down her pants as she walks down an aisle.

She lifts each leg, possibly to settle the bottle around her legs.

At one point, someone walks up behind her and it appears she stuffs the bottle in her hand down her shirt.

As she goes through, it looks like she manages to stash another bottle or two before going to the counter and paying for one bottle. She's then seen walking away from the store, down the sidewalk.

Unfortunately for her, the camera got a crystal clear view of the entire five-finger discount.

Police are offering a $300 reward for anyone with information that helps them find her.