WATCH: Lovely assisted living ladies Nae Nae better than you

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Watch them Whip--now watch them Nae Nae! These two assisted living beauties, of Somerby of Peachtree City, give all of us a run for our money with their dancing skills.

Don't get me wrong...but I think I see the Stanky Leg goin' down too! They are proof that no matter how 'young' you are, just a little music and shake can make all the difference in the world.

The ladies' "music video" parallels Somerby of Peachtree City's mission: providing a "warm, welcoming culture and overall emphasis on wellness creating a senior living lifestyle proven to be good for your mind, body and spirit."

And you can tell in an instant they're having the time of their lives--and we're doing the same just by watching them. I bet you're sitting there thinking, "oh, that's going to be me one day" and why wouldn't you want that?!

Honestly though, this is definitely not their first rodeo!

Two of our beloved Assisted Living Residents showing us how to "Nae Nae"

Let's meet these lively beauties! Ms. Mary Thompson is 80 and Ms. Eleanor Fredriksen is 83.

Somerby of Peachtree City tells FOX 5 Atlanta:

These ladies are two of our most vibrant and active within the community and truly capture the essence of successful living each and every day. This video shows how much both Mary and Eleanor can teach us about remaining youthful and vigorous throughout our lives.

FOX 5 asked the ladies two things:

How does it feel to put the younger generation to shame with your incredible dance moves?

Mary: "I don't believe I can out dance the younger generation, it just feels like a natural thing when I hear music."

Eleanor: "I just like to be happy and I was having a good time with my friend Mary.

What's your secret to being so happy?

Mary: "The ability to have such a great friend like Eleanor makes me happy, as it is just like a sisterhood with us. We grew up in the same area, Staten Island (Mary) and New Jersey (Eleanor) and have the same religious beliefs and family background. We hit it off as friends right from the start and we do as much as we can with each other now. I also enjoy exercise to keep my mind clear and my body fit."

Eleanor: "I love making new friends and I am proud to have Mary as my friend. I love that we have a sister like bond. I also like the bus trips to shopping and the spiritual enrichment that we receive through activities and overall conversation." just made our day!

The video was shot by Lifestyle Director, Jessica Holt...which only goes to show everyone there knows how to have a great time, as a team and with residents.

Aside from tearing up the dance floor, residents also get to take part in shopping trips, museum visits...attend theater and concert performances, movies, and listen in to on-site speakers. Awesome? We definitely think so!

Our Residents of Independent Living enjoyed their very first St. Patty's day party last week. What a fun time they had and we want to give a special Thank You to our food sponsor "A Hand To Hold" Home Care.

Our new Independent Living Residents enjoyed their very own Pre-Oscars 2016 Party in our new Somerby Room

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