WATCH: Dog rescue captured on firefighter's helmet camera

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A camera mounted on a Fairfax County firefighter's helmet recorded video of two dogs being rescued from a house that caught on fire.

No people were home when the fire broke out July 19 in Springfield, but three dogs were inside the house.

"I started following the wall and that's when I stepped on the dog's bed and I reached down and I saw the dog was laying there," said Ben Sisson with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. "Once he got some fresh air, he started to come around a little bit."

Sadly, one of the dogs died in the fire. Firefighters rescued the two other dogs from the home, but one of the dogs later died, according to authorities.

The helmet camera is not an official piece of equipment for firefighters. It is a personal choice.

"It allows you to go back and look at how you did and how you performed and how you can improve. There's not an incident that goes by that a firefighter shouldn't learn something," said Sisson.

Investigators said the fire started in the attached porch area of the home. It is a total loss.