WATCH: D.C. teen carries bike over the finish line at mountain bike race

16-year-old Perryellis Spriggs from Northeast D.C. competed in his first mountain bike race this weekend - but it didn't come without some obstacles. 

His front tire kept falling off during the race so he picked up the bike, put it on his shoulders, and ran the rest of the way.

For the past two years, Spriggs has been a part of Prime Ability, a positive cycling program to help youths avoid being a victim of crime. The program’s goal is to curve the rate of violence in the community by giving students a fun outlet and safe space to grow physically and mentally. The motto of Prime Ability is more kids on bikes, less kids on the street.

Coach Alex Clark started the program and says Spriggs is a great example of being resilient.

"With football, my coach always told me you got to keep going, keep driving, be persistent and that’s how we get our few wins in the game, but I brung that into biking," said Spriggs. 

The crowd cheered Spriggs on the whole way. 

"It made me feel so proud as a mom knowing that he didn’t just give up, that he kept pushing on," said Frajille Ellis, Perryellis’ mother.

Prime Ability is for students all across the DMV, not just D.C.

"One thing with cycling is we’re trying to diversify the sport, trying to bring more people of color into the sport so that we can kind of even that playing ground," said Coach Clark. 

If you want to get your student involved visit or message them on Instagram @PrimeAbility.