Voters approve petition for DC statehood

(AP) - Voters in the nation's capital have decided to support becoming the 51st state, though a vote for statehood doesn't mean another star is getting added to the nation's flag anytime soon.

On the statehood question, voters on Tuesday endorsed a draft constitution that would have city residents electing a governor, not a mayor, and a 21-seat state legislature instead of a city council. The constitution includes new borders for the proposed state, with the White House, the Capitol and the National Mall carved out as a separate federal enclave.

City leaders will now submit the statehood proposal to Congress, which can admit a new state into the union by simply voting to approve the document. But Republicans remain deeply opposed to statehood for both constitutional and partisan reasons: Making the District a state would dramatically shift the balance of power by all but guaranteeing two new Senate seats for Democrats.

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