VoteJoin, the revolutionary collaboration and communication app

In a world where the new internet is an "Internet of Things", there is a new, easy way to communicate and collaborate and many Home Owners Associations and groups are taking advantage of it.

John Wembley is the Senior Vice President for VoteJoin. He says this app and desktop site is revolutionary because unlike Sharepoint and Jive, it is not very complex and VoteJoin does not charge any fee whatsoever. "There is no insane installation and maintenance process and you get tons of features to collaborate, propose new ideas, share documents, chat in various chat rooms and join votes on things in your association, group or organization."

We spoke to John Henderson, the President of the Appalachiad Home Owner's Association in New York, he says this app is unique for his members because it also has a desktop version at for those who do not want to, or don't know how to, use an app or smart phone.

"We spent a fortune on some previous collaboration tool that always required maintenance and just wasn't very good. Our elderly members love this platform because they can just go on their computer and communicate, chat with members of the association, propose new ideas, never miss another proposal again because you are always alerted to it, and, unlike GroupMe, there is a desktop version that is very easy to use."

Another great feature of the VoteJoin app is the Politics section. In this area, you can create a political group or cause and vote on various issues. Democrats, Republicans, Trump, Sanders or Clinton supporters can always vote and share various issues.. The issues are always auto-fed from various government sites so you will always know the latest bills coming in.

If you aren't a member of a Home Owner's Association or political cause, you can always start your own group.

"Unlike GroupMe, we have our own organized groups area where you can set up a group for your fraternity, sorority, university, fire department, police department, place of worship or any type of group or organization you want" Wembley said. "But the reason we are better than GroupMe is, we have a desktop version."

The app is free to download.

You can click here for the Apple version on i-Tunes

or for the Android version click here.

But the best feature of this platform is the website is free to use.