Virginia's sales tax holiday weekend to start Friday

Virginia's sales tax holiday starts Friday, but the usual back-to-school shopping rush may be a bust thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and most school districts opting to start the school year virtually. Even so, businesses are gearing up and hoping for the best.

A Stonebridge spokesperson tells FOX 5 they are hopeful the tax holiday means shoppers will be out this weekend to take advantage of the savings and that additional traffic this weekend will encourage families to grab lunch or dinner-to-go or even enjoy outside dining on the many patios at their restaurants.

The sales tax holiday starts Friday and ends Sunday night. 

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During the sales tax holiday, shoppers can buy school supplies clothing, footwear but the big question is will they this year?

Most students will start the school year off at home, distance learning.
That means much of the shopping will likely focus on electronics to make sure kids are connected for virtual learning.

Even so, it’s a shopping holiday the business owners need to be a success more than anything. For some shop owners, we’re told this could determine if they continue to stay in business or shut down.

Virginia is one of 16 states that has a tax free holiday weekend.

Meanwhile, Maryland has a whole tax free week – that's coming up from August 9 through August 15.

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