Virginia 2022 Election Guide: Where to vote and how to register

The midterms are coming up, and Virginians can cast their ballots for a combination of candidates for U.S. Congress, as well as local races for county, city and town-level candidates. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on when to vote, where to vote, who can vote, how to register to vote and more useful voting information for Virginia's 2022 elections. 

Who can vote early? 

Any person that is registered to vote can vote during early voting. You don't need a reason for voting early, or have to fill out an application. Check here to see if you're already registered to vote or call your local registrar's office.

When can I vote? 

Early voting starts on Friday, September 23 and runs until Saturday, November 5.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 6am to 7pm. Anyone in line at 7pm will be allowed to vote. 

How can I register to vote? 

Register to vote online here by October 17. 

Register by mail by completing a registration form and mailing it to your local registrar's office. 

Register to vote in person by submitting a voter registration application by October 17 at:

  • Your local voter registration office
  • State or local government offices when applying or re-certifying for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, or Rehabilitation Services.
  • Government offices in the State that provide State-funded programs primarily engaged in providing services to person with disabilities
  • Armed forces recruitment offices
  • Public libraries
  • Virginia Department of Elections office
  • Department of Motor Vehicles offices
  • Voter Registration Drives

If you miss the registration deadline, you can now register and vote in person on Election Day. If you register after the regular voter registration deadline, you will have to vote a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are not processed by a vote-counting machine at the time of voting, but rather are subject to approval by the local electoral board prior to the ballot being counted. 

How do I vote during early voting? 

Visit your local registrar's office in your county or city between September 23 and November 5. Contact your local registrar’s office for hours and locations. 

Provide your name and address, and show an acceptable form of ID or sign an ID Confirmation Statement.

Acceptable forms of ID include: 

  • Virginia driver's license
  • Virginia DMV-issued ID card
  • U.S. Military ID
  • Valid student ID issued by a public or private school of higher education located in Virginia
  • Valid student ID issued by a public or private high school in Virginia
  • Valid U.S. passport or passport card
  • Government-issued ID card from a federal, Virginia, or local political subdivision
  • Voter ID card issued by the Department of Elections
  • Voter confirmation documents
  • Valid tribal enrollment or other tribal ID
  • Nursing home resident ID
  • Current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or paycheck containing the name and address of the voter
  • Any other current government document containing the name and address of the voter
  • ID Confirmation Statement

Forget your ID and don't want to sign an ID Confirmation Statement? You will be given the opportunity to vote a provisional ballot. After voting, you will have to submit a copy of your identification or sign and submit an ID Confirmation Statement by noon on Friday, November 11 for your vote to be counted.  Voters may submit a copy of their ID of ID Confirmation Statement via fax, email, in-person submission, or through USPS or commercial delivery service.

How do I vote with a mail-in ballot? 

Any registered voter may vote by mail. Apply online to vote by mail, or download the Absentee Application Form and return the completed and signed form to your local registrar's office by mail, fax, or scanned attachment to an email. Mail-in ballots require a witness signature. 

The final day to submit an absentee ballot application is Friday, October 28 and 5pm. After applications are received and processed, ballots can be mailed out to applicants starting September 23. 

Complete are return your ballot to your local general registrar's office or to a drop-off location by 7pm on Election Day, November 8. If returning by mail, your ballot must be postmarked on or before election day and received by your general registrar's office by noon on November 11. 

You can track your absentee ballot here

Where can I vote in person? 

Visit your assigned polling place on Election Day, November 8. 

For early voting, visit your local registrar's office between September 23 and November 5. F

Who's on the ballot? 

A new redistricting plan has changed certain boundaries of Virginia's congressional districts, so check out Virginia’s Who’s My Legislator? page to see which district you're in. 

All 11 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are up for grabs this election season, and incumbent Democrats Elaine Luria, Abigail Spanberger and Jennifer Wexton are looking to hold onto their seats against Republican opponents Jen Kiggans, Yesli Vega and Hung Cao.  

Here are some key races to keep an eye on:

Virginia's 7th Congressional District

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D) 

Yesli Vega (R)


Virginia’s 8th Congressional District 

Rep. Donald Beyer (D)

Karina Lipsman (R) 

Teddy Fikre (I)

Virginia's 10th District

Rep. Jennifer Weston (D)

Hung Cao (R)

For complete coverage of the 2022 elections in Maryland, Virginia, D.C. and the 2022 Midterm Elections across the country, visit FOX 5 DC's Election page