Viral photo shows nurse separated from family due to coronavirus concerns

A viral Facebook post shows a man's hand on the door -- the glass separating him from his daughter. That man was Kyle McBride, a registered nurse from Kissimmee.

“I just wanted to give people reality of what people are going through now,” McBride said.

For the last few weeks, McBride has only been seeing his wife and four children though glass -- either a window or a computer screen. His family was lucky to be staying in a house his in-laws own in Kissimmee, while he stayed at home and did his shifts at the hospital. They decided it was safer this way.

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“We thought that was best for our family. So a week ago, Sunday, we separated, so we've been separated a week and a half, now,” he said.

Nurse Door Facebook Photo

Now, he only visits them to drop off groceries and then leaving behind his family. He said they leave encouraging notes for him on the door, and an important message for everyone else - stay at home, because daddy can't.

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“We're all on the same page, we're all working together,” McBride said, “to strive for the best and get this virus out of here, so we can get back to our normal lives and make a difference, you know?”