VIDEO: UMD police use pepper spray to break up on-campus graduation party

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University of Maryland police say they're investigating why officers used pepper spray to break up a graduation party at an on-campus apartment complex early Saturday morning. Video posted on Twitter by students who were at the party shows a chaotic scene involving several officers and a group of students-- some of whom were screaming and coughing as they ran from the apartment building.

The University of Maryland Police Department released a statement confirming their officers showed up at the party at the Courtyard apartments around 1:45 a.m. for a noise complaint, and pepper spray was used. They say two students were arrested for disorderly conduct, failing to obey orders and obstructing. The department also said it is reviewing footage from the body cameras worn by the officers, and from nearby security cameras. That video has not been released.

After the incident, Twitter users @CEORaph and @_zensei shared video with FOX 5 of what happened when officers arrived.

On Saturday night UMPD issued the following statement regarding the incident.