Video shows motorcyclist chasing down hit-and-run driver in California

Video of a man who recorded his encounter with a hit-and-run driver in California, as well as a subsequent chase to stop the driver, is garnering some attention on YouTube.

The video was posted by a YouTube user that goes by the name "Dick Danger", and the video was reportedly taken from a body camera in Colton, a town in San Bernardino County that is approximately 57 miles (91.73 km) east of Downtown Los Angeles.

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According to the video description, Danger was heading home from a day at work and the gym, and as he was approaching I-215, he saw a black car driving erratically. Danger said he moved into the right lane, and that was when he noticed the driver had gone into the wrong lane, and was almost involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle. The car eventually side-swiped the car instead, and then continued down the road for 100 yards (91.4 m) and hit two other cars.

The car, described by Danger as a black Mercedes, came to a stop, while a fire marshal in the area called for help. The driver of the car later backed up, and fled the scene, going onto I-215.

Danger said he made a split second decision to chase the driver, as he appeared to be under the influence and might hurt or kill someone. The driver, according to Danger, tried to hid at different location, and drove all the way to Moreno Valley until he gave up on an intersection there.

The driver, according to Danger, was arrested by Colton Police officers.

At the start of the video, Danger said he does not consider himself a hero, only a "motovlogger" who is trying to do the right thing.