Video shows man taking photos up women's skirts in Columbia Heights Metro station

Metro Transit Police say they're looking for a man who is a person of interest for a report of sexual abuse and upskirting reported at the Columbia Heights Metro station earlier this week. They believe a number of the victims were unaware they were even targeted.

According to authorities, a woman claims she was riding the escalator to exit the station around 7:40 p.m. Wednesday when she felt a hand up her skirt. The woman said she left the area and the man returned to the station. Investigators say the incident was caught on surveillance video, which shows the man putting his cell phone up the victim's skirt.

Detectives say that the video also showed other instances of upskirting in which the victims may not have been aware of what was happening. Each of the victims were females, and they were all wearing skirts. They say they believe the unsuspecting victims exited using the west escalators (the bank of three escalators and one staircase, located to the left when exiting the station).

Investigators released surveillance video and still images showing the suspect, who is seen wearing a black shirt standing near a man with a bike. At one point, he steps off the escalator while looking at his phone. Clips show him hanging around and pacing in the area where people get on and off before he comes down the escalator again.

Authorities asking anyone who can identify the suspect to contact the MTPD Criminal Investigations Division at 301-955-5000 or send a text message to MyMTPD (696873).

Anyone who believes they may be a victim in this case should contact the MTPD Criminal Investigations Division at 301-955-5000.

Metro Transit Police say they have added plain clothes officers at the Columbia Heights and other stations in an attempt to locate the suspect and the other victims.