Video shows child left at gas station after carjacking

Authorities in Coweta County have redoubled their efforts to track down the man who they said stole a car with a young child and dog inside after reviewing new surveillance video.

Coweta County investigators released a video to FOX 5 News showing the kidnapped three-year-old girl pacing, appearing frightened and crying after being dropped off by a gas station dumpster. All the while, her little puppy keeps her company. It was about 10 o'clock at night Sunday. She had just been kidnapped when a car thief made off with her mother's Volkswagen Beetle at a Coweta County Texaco. That thief dumped the child and the puppy at a Union City Texaco. The employee who found her said she was calling for her mother.

Coweta Investigator Anthony Grant was back there Tuesday, checking out the area where she was left abandoned. He said it was a miracle the girl is safe. He estimated by watching the video the 3-year-old was left alone for over 15 minutes.

Also released Tuesday was a new video of the man who allegedly took the car and endangered the child's life. Investigators said minutes before stealing the car, he was caught on camera buying gas for the Lexus that he had arrived in with another person driving.

Investigators said it is so important they receive help in identifying the man. They said he appears to be young.

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