'Disturbing' video shows a woman being attacked, pushed off a DC Metrobus

An assault caught on a cellphone camera shows what appears to be several juveniles — and possibly some adults — shoving an older woman off a Metrobus in D.C.  

FOX 5 has obtained the exclusive video and has reached out to Metro for answers. 

Within the clip, the group can be heard berating a woman with red hair for nearly a minute as she stands near the backdoor of the bus. After telling the lady to "get off the bus" multiple times, the video shows the driver comes to a stop, doors open and the juveniles begin to attack the woman. 

The mother who recorded the video told FOX 5 that the older woman had just given up her seat to help her family. The mother we spoke to said the older woman asked the "rowdy kids" on the bus to stop cursing — and that's when things escalated. 

Concerned for her own safety, the parent who recorded the latter end of this incident asked us not to include her name. She said people threw bottles at the woman, shoved her, and some even put hands on her neck, choking her as they pushed her off the bus. 

While the clip FOX 5 obtained does not show the elderly lady respond at all, she can be heard saying, "Thank you, Lord" repeatedly. 

"I know how teenagers can be," the woman said. "I know what it is, but I would never … I don’t even care if the person is 30, I would never go that far with disrespecting them. I wouldn’t want nobody to do that to my family."

The concerned bystander said it hurts that she couldn’t step in, afraid for her family, so she recorded hoping it could help.

Metro has not released information about the woman who was assaulted Monday afternoon. FOX 5 has checked in with several local schools to see if they recognize anyone on the bus. Metro has not responded to our questions regarding their policy responding to altercations. 

In a statement, a Metro spokesperson called the incident "disturbing" and "unacceptable." The Metro Transit Police Department is investigating the matter and is requesting anyone with information to contact police as soon as possible by calling 202-962-2121.