VIDEO: People hang onto car while being swept away in Ellicott City flooding

A Maryland resident's video from inside a restaurant located on Main Street in downtown Ellicott City showed just how powerful and devastating flash flooding can be in a short amount of time.

Branden Cromwell captured the flooding on the second floor at Portalli's Italian restaurant. The severe storm and flooding caused the fire alarm to go off inside the restaurant and then eventually caused the power to go out.

The video showed cars attempting to drive down Main Street as large streams of water flowed down the road. As the flooding became stronger, it began to wash away parked cars, some with people inside, along with tons of debris.

At one point in the video, people could be seen hanging onto the side of a silver-colored vehicle as it drifted down the rushing water.

Two people died from this disaster as their cars were swept into the Patapsco River. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency as the storm destroyed many businesses and shops while damaging almost 200 vehicles.

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