VIDEO: Metro bus driver accused of racist rant

A Virginia man says he was the target of a Metro bus driver's racist rant, and he shared video with Fox 5 that shows the aftermath of the incident.

The video shows the moments after motorist Maurice Green says the driver called him the N-word. The incident allegedly started on the roadway and ended at the Ballston Metro in Arlington.

"He pulled up, opened the door. I figure he was going to tell me I'm driving real slow, and he's like, 'Man you don't own the road.' Like I'm trying to find my location. He said you're a typical m-f-n. I was just sort of like in shock," said Green.

Green says he owed it to himself to confront the Metro driver who quickly looked for things to get physical, but he walked away choosing to be the bigger person.

He showed his kids the video and says it wasn't easy for them to watch.

Watch the video above for the encounter.