VIDEO: Driver survives after being ejected from vehicle during snow storm

You have heard the warnings about driving on the roads during winter storms. But dashcam video from a scary accident in Ohio is showing how dangerous it can be after a driver was ejected from his vehicle.

This unbelievable incident is even more astonishing because the driver survived and is doing well.

"That's a blessing from God because he was not supposed to get up," said Luther Burks. "He got ejected from the car. I've never seen that ever happen."

Equally astounded are Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers like Sgt. Adam Doles.

"I think it's miraculous he was able to get up and walk away from this crash," he said.

The dashcam video shows light snow falling on the road on January 12 with passable road conditions. But as a fellow trooper gets on I-90 West near an overpass, an SUV slides into a vehicle and then ricochets off a concrete barrier.

"While it was spinning out of control, the driver of the SUV was ejected from the vehicle and landed in the roadway," said Sgt. Doles.

The trooper drives up to the driver on ground, who then gets up dazed and walks away from traffic.

"He's extremely lucky that another vehicle didn't come across and hit him," Doles said. "And lucky for him, it was trooper that was paying attention."

Not everyone is so fortunate. Troopers say last year, more than 900 people died in accidents in Ohio, with 113 fatal crashes so far this year.

"Just the roadway being cold and wet will freeze up instantly and you won't realize it's that icy," said Sgt. Doles.

It is something Burks knows all too well. A few winters back, his car spun out of control 200 feet down a hill.

"It was very scary," he said. "We were just were happy that we survived. My legs got caught in the car. The ambulance had to come pry us out of the car."

Now he is even more cautious and encourages others to do the same. Both he and Sgt. Doles say wear a seatbelt, give yourself enough space and slow down.