VIDEO: Bus narrowly misses landslide in China

A bus narrowly escaped a deadly landslide in east China's Jiangxi Province Monday.

According to surveillance video, the bus was moving normally on a provincial highway in Dexing City, when rocks and mud poured down from mountain all of a sudden. The bus sped up to leave the rocks and mud behind.

"The highway was blocked. The length of covered road is 20 meters, blocking the traffic," said Zhang Hao, leader of Yincheng Detachment, Dexing Traffic Police Brigade.

The road was closed soon after the landslide. Excavators worked day and night to clear the rocks and mud.

"Our police checked the surveillance and made investigations; there is no casualty. The probable cause of the landslide is the weathering of rocks. The stones got fragile after long time of weathering. And there were rains these days. Then the sun scorched the stones, so they fractured," said Peng Qiuxing, deputy mayor of Dexing City, at the accident site.

The highway was reopened on Thursday.