Va. teen accused of helping man join ISIS

A Prince William County high school student is in custody after being accused of helping a man make his way to Syria to fight with ISIS.

The government is being tight-lipped about the arrest. His name has not been made public and neither has the charge that he is facing.

The 17-year-old boy attends Osbourn Park High School in Manassas and sources familiar with the investigation tell FOX 5 the teenager lives in the Powell's Run neighborhood of Woodbridge.

Federal authorities are working with the attorney general to see if they can charge the teen as an adult.

According to sources, the 17-year-old student was trying to help an 18-year-old make their way into Syria with the intent to join and fight with the Islamic State.

On Wednesday, Osbourn Park principal Neil Beech sent a letter to parents and staff which reads in part: "I can assure you that PWCS has not been advised of any threat or danger to our students, staff, or schools. We never had information or concerns that would warrant any public communication on the issue potentially interfering with law enforcement efforts."

Because a minor was arrested, the FBI says they cannot even confirm the arrest or provide any additional information.

Statement from Prince William County Public Schools on the reported arrest of a student:

"We are unable to comment on the alleged activities of any Prince William County Public Schools student. We can say that PWCS has not been advised of any threat to the safety of students, employees, or our schools related to issues raised by this reported arrest. We never had information or concerns that would warrant any public communication on this issue which might potentially interfere with law enforcement efforts.

"Safety is our main concern. We remain confident that OPHS and all of our schools remain safe. There is no indication that our students are being specifically targeted to support extremist causes.

"Few PWCS staff members or students are positioned to accurately and appropriately respond to media reports beyond reiterating the fact that PWCS has never been advised of any threat to our students, employees, or schools in connection with this matter. Any further comment would likely represent rumor and speculation.

"School Division leaders, staff, and especially Risk Management personnel work directly with law enforcement officials to ensure school safety at all times. We continue to do so now.

"In the absence of factual information on this matter, some may try to overdramatize the connection of media reports to our community and our school. We urge everyone to consider only the facts as they emerge, and to avoid rumors and speculation."