USE WITH CAUTION: Flip-flops, the most dangerous shoes you can wear

Health expert, Dr. Ray Solano, gives insight on the health dangers caused by flip-flops.

When it comes to summer, flip-flops are considered 'THE' fashion staple. They are comfy, easy to throw on, and come in various styles. On the contrary, due to the serious damaging effects flip-flops pose on the body, health experts consider the coveted summer shoe a health flop!

In order to understand the critical problems caused by flip-flops, we called on Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Ray Solano, to explain the health dangers.

For those of you that like living on the edge, because many of you aren't giving up the shoe, Dr. Solano also provided tips for finding a 'safe' flip-flop. Yes, a 'safe' flip-flop does exist.

Here are some questions he answered in his interview that might provide you with some insight on the flipping shoes:

Why is it a bad idea to wear flip-flops all day long?
We have three arches that support each foot. As the day wears on, it is important to have proper support underneath our feet. Without proper support, those valuable arches collapse and you begin to physically stress the body from the ground-up.

What happens to the foot when you wear flip-flops?
The foot becomes vulnerable when flip-flops are worn excessively. Not only do the arches of the feet suffer, but our ankle becomes vulnerable to sprains without proper sole support. Also, your bare feet have a greater chance to come into contact with broken glass, nails, and even fungus!

What kind of damages are you causing to your body with prolonged use?
Physical stress travels from the ground-up. Therefore, improper foot support can cause the knees to turn in, pelvis misalignments, and even cause poor posture.

When should you see a doctor?
If you feel back pain, knee pain, and numbness in the lower extremities after prolonged use of flip-flops, it is time to visit your doctor for an evaluation. Custom made flip-flops can be an alternative to what you may already be wearing. This will keep you balanced from the ground-up.

What are the wrong and right types of flip-flips to consider?
A bad flip-flop will lack arch support, be very thin, and flimsy. While a good flip-flop will have a firm arch, have a thick sole, and in some cases have good traction.

As the warmers weather approaches, and the urge to expose your tootsies becomes unbearable, keep in mind that wearing flip-flops for a prolonged time frame will take its toll on your body. Consider this a health warning, wear flip-flops with caution.