Union blasts Metro for special treatment of white nationalists attending Unite the Right rally

The union for Metro workers blasted WMATA for what it calls preferential treatment given to white nationalists attending the Unite the Right rally in the District on Sunday.

ATU Local 689 didn't hold back as it tweeted at Metro, stating the public transportation agency gave special treatment to a hate group.

"DC, now you see who was telling the truth about the racist marchers being escorted onto Metro and who lied," ATU Local 689 tweeted. "(Metro General Manager Paul) Wiedefeld lied to riders and public when the truth was more convenient. The fallout of today will be on him."

Metro officials were adamant in the week leading up to the march that the white nationalists would not receive any preferential treatment, including private trains or private train cars. Officials announced that following extreme public backlash after it was leaked that Metro was considering the move.

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But when it came time for Jason Kessler and those attending the Unite the Right to board the Metro train, several witnesses said they received preferential treatment and had their own private train car.

"Make no mistake, this is special and unprecedented service given to a hate group," ATU Local 689 tweeted.

FOX 5 reached out to Metro, which released the following statement: "The Vienna Metro remained open to the public and all trains are available to the public. Any decisions regarding crowd control and safety is a law enforcement matter and should be directed to the joint operations command and MPD the lead agency on the event."

Metro also said the train Unite the Right attendees rode on stopped at every station to allow other customers to board and exit the train.